Sunday, January 09, 2011


Dearest Readers --

It's been a long time since I posted.

The problem with writing a behind-the-scenes blog is that you have to have some scenes to be behind.

Since I last wrote I've been working hard on the new TNT/Dreamworks Television/Steven Speilberg Production of "Falling Skies." I began last May. In fact we've already shot and are almost completed editing the ten episode order. But, TNT's schedule is such that the show won't air until early next summer. So - that means there's been nothing to blog about without every word I write being a spoiler of some kind.

But now - finally - there is something to be behind-the-scenes of - a trailer for the series which is airing on TNT and is on YouTube.

This is the link to YouTube:

So now you see what I've been up to the last few months.

Here's the backstory.

Back in early April 2010 (I think) my agent called me to tell me that TNT and Dreamworks were making a new TV series. At that time it was only known as “The Untitled Steven Spielberg Alien Invasion Series.” Steven Spielberg was producing and he was going to be very “hands on” on the project. There was a pilot, but it was top secret and could only be viewed by going to over Dreamworks and watching it there.

So - I went to Dreamworks, which is on the Universal Studios lot. Once there I was ushered into a small room, which literally had a chair, a TV and a DVD player in it – nothing else. The assistant popped in the pilot and pushed play. My meeting with Dreamwork’s producers was scheduled immediately after the screening.

Now - Let me say that it’s very unnerving to have to see a pilot for the first time ever, and then IMMEDIATELY to go in for an interview. I did this same thing on HEROES – and it’s kind of brutal. Normally, I’d prefer to see a project and have the evening or at least a few hours to think over my take on it. This kind of scenario throws you 100% into a spontaneous, off-the-cuff approach. I’ve gotten comfortable with this over the years, but it’s far from ideal.

Anyway – I didn’t know ANYTHING about the pilot other than the temporary title – “The Untiteled Steven Speilberg Alien Invasion Project.” I guess that title gave me SOME idea what to expect – but other than that I had no idea who had written it, who had directed it or even who was in it. The show came on – and within ten minutes I was thinking -- “Damn, I guess if they want me, I’m doing this thing.”

It was my kind of TV – Interesting characters in a compelling situation painted (by TV standards) on a big palette. I really haven’t matured much since age twelve or thirteen – and the same kind of stuff I thought was cool then, I think is cool now – only now I’m lucky enough to get to work on it. This show had action, explosions, special effects, shootouts, and a very interesting take on the aliens both in terms of what they looked liked and why they were here.

Anyway – this post is meant to be a preview of things to come. As the show begins to air I’ll fill in episode by episode with my usual behind the scenes stories and pictures.

For now suffice it to say that the trailer gives you a taste of the look and the vibe of the series, but only a taste. The characters are complex and their challenges and dilemmas are great. I felt that the quality of the scripts and the caliber of the actors were among the highest I’ve ever worked with. And, for me personally, even though in one sense it’s another genre/action show - it was a chance to do something very different in terms of style and of tone.

One last aside - This blog was originally written for the HEROES fans. This, of course, was an unexpectedly awesome experience for me. The fans of HEROES were great and supportive and smart. They really paid attention to the show and were intuitive and insightful in their analysis of it.

BUT... After writing my one and only SMALLVILLE blog (after season 9’s finale) I've gotta say - You SMALLVILLE fans are off the charts!! You are hardcore and intense and loyal and kinda crazy and (in short) everything a fan should be!!! As you all know by now - SMALLVILLE is, to date, my proudest achievment - and now I only wish I'd been blogging and communicating with you all the whole time. Of course, back in 2001 when SMALLVILLE started I had no idea what a blog was. The producers gave me a first generation blackberry and I had no idea what THAT was. I didn’t own a computer and I had never really been on the world wide web. Now it’s season ten – ten years later!!!! I can’t believe it!!!

Anyway - throughout my post-SMALLVILLE career I'm pretty sure the people I'm working with are always saying to themselves -- "When the hell is Beeman going to SHUT UP about SMALLVILLE?! We know he's proud of it! We get it! Now move on with your life!" - but, hey!

Anyway, SMALLVILLE fans - Thanks for the positive feedback on the season nine finale! I tried hard to make it great and I knew the standards were high! Keep on rocking SMALLVILLE!!!

Thank you for your continued support – it means (literally) everything.


Now a few pix of FALLING SKIES to give you a taste...

Noah Wyle stars as Tom Mason

Moon Bloodgood as Anne Glass

Maxim Knight plays Matt Mason Tom's youngest s
(personal note: as a kid I had a "Matt Mason man
the Moon" toy set -
I wonder if there's any
connection -
I'll have to ask Mr. Rodat)

Drew Roy plays Hal, Tom's oldest son

Seychelle Gabriel plays Lourdes

Jessy Schram plays Karen

Colin Cunningham plays Pope.

Sarah Carter (My old friend who you may
as "Alicia Baker" from SMALLVILLE)
plays Margret.